Most MSPs work to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Having tight pre-agreed deadlines provides clients with peace of mind and reduces the amount of downtime when issues arise, particularly useful when critical infrastructure goes down.

CategoryStandardStandard PlusPlatinumCall Basis
Support- Initial Analysis of Issue1 hrs1 hrs1 hrs1 hrs
P1 (System Down)16 hrs8 hrs4 hrs20 hrs
P2 (Major Fault)24 hrs16 hrs8 hrs48 hrs
P3 (Minor fault)36 hrs24 hrs12 hrs72 hrs
Remote Systems Health check72 hrs36 hrs8 hrsN/A
Support Services9 – 524 x 524 x 7 x 365N/A
Escalation8 hrs4 hrs1 hrs24 hrs
Dedicated SDMNoYesYesNo
Birdview Logic’s Standard SLA

For large enterprises we have various customized plans please drop a message our IT sales will contact you.