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Referral Management Solution

Referral Program Management

A fun referral program designed to boost recruitment, also can be used for customized programs keeps your employees engaged.

Share open job positions – Refer your friends with an intuitive tool

Discover everything you need to know about each opened position by using the job board.
Find the perfect one for your friends and share it with them by email or through your social networks.
Follow your ongoing referrals –
All your referrals in one place

See how many points you’ve earned for each referral and easily follow your friends progress in the recruitment process.
Contract proposal

Get rewarded – Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed

Collect Points

Each time your friends progress in the recruitment pipeline.
Level Up

See your avatar take on new items.
Exchange Points

For awesome gifts in the shop!
Everyone needs help, especially when fighting villains. Build your superhero team by choosing an avatar for each of your recruited friends. Show the world your team’s mighty power!Customize your team – With great power comes great responsibility

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