In today’s competitive business world, companies expect faster, more efficient software solutions with no compromise on product quality. Birdview Logic provides QA & software testing services to fulfill all your quality and testing needs.

Independent dedicated QA & testing teams

For standalone testing services, Birdview Logic provides you with a multi-skilled QA & testing team. Experts are chosen based on their skills and qualifications to suit your project’s demands. Our professional management ensures you the best resources for your needs. Our work is transparent and efficient and thus regular check-ins are welcomed.

Key Benefits outsourcing QA services to us:

  • Over a decade of experience in quality assurance services
  • Reducing cost by automation of manual tasks
  • Proven QA Process
  • Agility – Frequent check-ins and check-outs

Our Testing Services:

Functional Testing

Our testers develop test cases in response to customer requirements and comments. We record the results and closely examine any case revealing failing or suspicious results. With functional testing, the most important functions must be re-tested frequently to avoid potential regressions.

Performance Testing

Serious performance issues can affect your image and reputation. We understand this. So we do performance tests with realistic loads and stress. Through constant load tests and stress tests, we can figure out the true condition of your application and adapt or change according to further needs, to make sure that it is stable under any circumstances. At Birdview Logic, we keep scalability a priority from the start.

Security Testing

Our teams take security seriously in every application we develop and provide security audits for existing systems. Please see our “Security Testing” section for more information about our testing methods and how to detect and fix any security holes and threats.

Usability Testing

So your end product works and has all required functionality, but is it usable for the end user? Our testers identify the limitations that might take away from the ideal experience. They test the workflows and use cases to simulate actual user behavior. At BVLogic, usability testing is continual and spans the complete software development lifecycle so that your users can have the best possible experience with the end product.

More testing services:
  • Configuration and Compatibility Testing
  • Cross-Platform Testing
  • Localization and Internationalization Testing
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • UI Testing
  • API Testing