Today’s oil and gas companies use a variety of innovative technologies that provide safer, more efficient operations. And it’s been proven over and over that outsourcing your IT Service and Support will free you up to focus on your company’s objectives. Since the cost of managed services in your area remains about the same across the board, the big question is: “Why not work with a provider who provide end-to-end services under one roof?”

We Live Energy Sector

Oil & Gas companies handle massive amounts of data. To handle it, they use tons of bandwidth, tools and resources. Birdview Logic provides remote expertise and services needed to help energy companies manage the complexities that come with such massive exchanges of data easily.

Our Key Service offerings For Oil & Gas but not limited to:

  • Data Ware Housing
  • Data Marts
  • Data as-a-service
  • Analytics & BI
  • Management of Applications like:
    • Field Data Capture Systems
    • Mapping and GIS Applications
    • Geological & Complex Geophysical Applications
    • Financial & Production Accounting Systems
    • API Management
    • Middleware
    • Identity Management
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Infrastructure
  • DR and Backup Solutions

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Why Choosing Birdview Logic

The increasing need for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the Oil & Gas industry has made I.T. a crucial factor in ACHIEVING SUCCESS. Unfortunately, too many Petroleum businesses put their I.T. in the hands of inexperienced, unqualified I.T. providers. Boost Your Business Success by Connecting with One of the reliable I.T. Providers! Your Oil & Gas Business Can Go Beyond the Ordinary ..

This is where you’ll find I.T. for oil & gas leaders ready to:

  • Stop falling behind your competitors because of bad I.T.
  • Prevent cyberattacks.
  • End unnecessary I.T. expenses for good.
  • Stop losing data to negligence.
  • Avoid being paralyzed in a disaster
  • Cut out I.T. solutions that over promise and under deliver.
  • End confusion caused by poor communication systems.
  • Stop losing out to companies with better data analysis.
  • Eliminate tech-related downtime.

These are few of the reasons which reflects the benefit your organization gets while working with Birdview Logic.

Our experts are well versed with the fact how Oil & Gas companies communicate from field to back-office. the complete industry relies heavily on IT for communications. WE specializes in in managed remote communications, collaborative applications, and systems integration applications so your employees can feel confident that they can communicate and share data seamlessly from the field to the head office.

Our experts are trained on specialized application used in industry; Innovative software programs enable smoother operations, but they can be complex. You need to work with experts who understand this software. We train our employees on these technologies as they change and evolve. Our technical resources understand the various terminologies you use every day. We know the difference between a tank battery and a tail buoy. When it comes to common terms your employees use every day, we stay informed and up-to-date. We believe this helps us perform better, delivering superior IT services.

By acting as a central point of contract for all your IT needs, we ensure continuous and consistent refinement of processes and measurable results, thereby improving information technology capability within your organization.

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