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A NOC’s primary function is to ensure your services are running smoothly and any issues are identified and resolved as soon as they hit the surface.

Outsourced NOC operates from a centralized location, of staffed by a dedicated team of specialists and provides continuous monitoring, management and IT support services to any number of system networks and IT infrastructures 247/365.

NOC Services Partner is just that: a partner. They act as an extension of your IT department and are capable of doing both more complex monitoring work as well as the tedious jobs that are wasting the valuable time of your staff. Working alongside a NOC, your staff can focus on the higher value projects you want to get accomplished. Consider partnering with a NOC as the delegation of responsibility, which is what any effective leadership team does.

Your staff is skilled and necessary for daily operations, but they might not have the bandwidth to take your network monitoring where it needs to go. IT is a complicated part of your business, and it’s continually evolving. Outsourcing to a NOC partner will be a more efficient use of your company’s budget and skill set. Keep your team on the projects suited to them and let your NOC partner, with their years of in-depth, multi-industry expertise, focus on developing the network monitoring you need and deserve.

Scheduling members of your IT department to be on-call weeknights, weekends, and holidays is not the way to go about getting 24×7 coverage. First, it puts a lot of stress on your employees. They’ll be less responsive to alerts and outages because they’re tired, and their performance in the following days will suffer. Neither they nor their families will be pleased with their work/life balance. It’s inefficient, results in delayed response time and can even result in missed outages.

Second, exhaustion due to on-call shifts may result in projects falling behind that are critical to your business and your customers. By outsourcing monitoring, your staff can give their maximum attention and effort to their jobs while a NOC partner ensures every alert and outage is addressed swiftly and appropriately and that you are notified when necessary. Nothing compares to having eyes-on-glass 24×7.

it’s worth considering how outsourcing might fit with your business needs and growth plans. Make sure your potential NOC partner understands your needs, can quickly become familiar with your workflows and processes, and will provide an exceptional standard of service both day and night.

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