Manufacturers have one of a kind and demanding IT needs while Ensuring 99.9% business Continuity. No doubt, business frameworks., IT progression and security are mission basic, while MRP or ERP Systems are most commonly used within the organization. Like never before, IT spending must be overseen proficiently to improve work process and smooth out operations. In total, manufacturing companies need to act smartly about IT spending, without trading off business continuity and performance.

Solutions we offer for Manufacturing Sector

  • ERP Systems
  • Business Systems
  • Digital Transformation
  • Business Process Automation
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Large System Integrations
  • Cyber Security
  • IoT
  • Advisory services:
    • Selection of right Enterprise Solutions
    • Licenses
    • Audit and Evaluation
    • RFP writing & Response Evaluation

Why Managed Services for Manufacturing Sector

Many business sectors already adapted Managed IT Services and are quite satisfied with their decision. The question here is can enterprises in the Manufacturing sector as well opt Managed IT services? The answer is a big Yes, even it is a wise approach for Manufacturers to use them. Few reasons are:

Unparalleled Expertise

While your IT department only consist of few technical resources, Managed IT services company have resources having a vast and updated IT expertise and experience. Having such manpower allows them to induct a team with a diverse skill-set and having experience within the same sector but at different clients. His type of environment is difficult to create in-house.

Focus on Business Expansion

In this competitive era, it doesn’t make sense for enterprises to invest the time and money to have a reliable IT echo system which support business processes as first of all Manufacturers are not running an IT company secondly they can’t afford outages and delays in Go-to-Market for their latest products.

To ensure business continuity Manufacturers are spending heavily to have in-house IT department which comprises of Several IT professionals, purchase expensive equipment and applications, integrate a training program that ensures their IT employees can remain on top of potential issues of business systems and to have competitive edge on their competitors, while having the fear if critical IT support system breaks or some important resource quits the job,

On the other hand, Managed IT services includes a relatively low-cost, and Manufacturer only have to spend time familiarizing their employees working with the service provide first time.

24/7 Availability of Support

Business system of any organization can go down any time, if you have few in-house IT resources with fix working hours each day, then organization’s suffering prolong until the resources are back on the clock.

For Managed IT services, they provide 24/7 support remotely, so that business continuity can be ensured while keeping down-time window very short.

IT System is Key to Success

Everyone understand now a days that IT business system are more important for manufacturing business than they are in other industries. Reason is to analyze production rates, communication between departments and clients, manage resources and sometimes even produce the products themselves. Even now in the e-commerce era sales is heavily dependent on the IT system. Keeping such need in the mind, Manufacturer need someone reliable to manager their IT to protect their business.

Proactive Approach

Preventative measures like everything are the best treatments for IT business system’s problems. A reliable Managed IT service provider will always be analyzing your system constantly to prevent downtime.

Up-to-Date Tools & Solutions

As Managed IT service provider is totally focused on IT business and to remain leading they always have up-to-date trends, tools, techniques and solutions knowledge which outside of IT business simply cannot obtained. Their technical resources have access to cutting-edge technology that in-house IT staff may not be able to find at an affordable price. They also serve different clients in the same sector their exposure is always broaden then a resource who is serving a single organization.

Looking for Reliable Managed IT Services?

Trusted Managed IT Services will ensure that your IT systems support your ability to focus on your business rather getting in the way as hurdle. If you are looking for a service provider, let’s talk to us. Birdview Logic is leading in Providing reliable and trusted Remote IT Managed Services globally. We are known to offer tailored services to exactly match the requirements of our clients. You can see our services and engagement models by clicking these link.