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Leave Management Solution

Leave Management

Leaves management for all, Manage employee vacations & absence in a simplified way.

Managers get a view of their whole team leaves in one complete view, to keep the team well-organized and to easily forecast the distribution of tasks during the absence of their members.
Manage employee leaves – Keep track of all your employees vacations
Keep track of the vacation days taken by each employee. Employees enter their requests and managers approve and validate them, all in just a few clicks. The agenda of each employee is updated accordingly.
Allow employees to record their requests for vacation themselves, and get notified by email for every new request. Decide to either approve them or to refuse them, and add a note to your refusal to give an explanation to your employees.Approve or refuse leave requests
Handle all requests from your employees

Get reports to plan ahead – Simple reporting tool
Create reports in a single click for every leave request, with a detail per request type, employee, department and even for the whole company. Get statistics on the leaves and plan for the upcoming to make sure you keep productivity to its highest level.

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