• 99.9% Business Continuity
  • 100% Skills and Business Knowledge Retention
  • Reduced OPEX (upto 50% Cost Saving)
  • Client only Focus on their Business not at Technology
  • Updated skilled resources availability without training costs
  • No additional taxes or employees benefits as per their local laws
Value Added ServicesValueDescription
Services Up-time99.9%8.77 Hours (Downtime Per Year )
Skills & Knowledge Retension100%Resource Shadowing and Knowledge-base by Birdview logic
Reduce OPExUpto 50%Huge Cost Savings for Birdview logic Customers
Customer IT Training Cost0%It will be Managed by BVLogic
Employee Salary & Additional Cost0%Fixed Monthy Cost by BvLogic
Customer Key staff Business engagement100%Our team will handle your enterprise systems
Customer Key engagement on IT Services0%Customer will focus to grow business
Customer focus on Strategy99%Our team will run BAU
Time to Market the Product90%Our team has the right expertise to help you grow
Customer HR Focus on IT hiring0%Our team will develop the right expertise in minimum time
IT Process, Infrastructure Automation80%Our team will automate IT services wherever applicable
Instant access to a fully trained and skilled IT department100%Our trained and experienced team will be available to serve the customers

We often see that the company’s key staff are stretched thin with all the BAU tasks and struggle to focus on strategy for the future, instead of spending all their time firefighting issues. The remote MSP can take away the strenuous legwork and let the local team focus on what matters.

Some of our SMB (small-medium businesses) may even be relying on staff doing dual roles, so the more ERP savvy staff pitching in to try and keep on top of issues if and when they crop up.

Ever thought that you might be doing things a certain way just because that is the way you have always done it? WellMSPs have experts for every vertical.

Each expert has exposure and experience with numerous companies working within your industry, and this arms them the knowledge required to advise you on ways to improve business processes, rather than just fix your current ones.

This would often be aligning companies with an industry best practice where and when it can be implemented, Columbus goes as far as even having hundreds of pre-mapped out business processes for a variety of industries in a BPM model for companies to evaluate and compare against.

MSP staff are kept up to date and earn all the cutting edge technologies. This can help them advise where a new release could really help your company cut down on manual tasks.

A great example over the last few years has been reporting and analytics, more and more companies are no longer just storing all their data but reporting off only small sections. A good MSP would not only be able to inform you what data you should be reporting off for your industry but also the best technology for you to do so.

Outsourcing your IT function to a Managed Service Provider gives you instant access to a fully trained and skilled IT department. Most MSPs have teams in place to deal with network issues, cloud computing, telephony, software, hardware, consultancy, connectivity and IT security.

As the previous point states, employing an expert in every technology discipline is unsustainable for most SMEs. Having a team of experts, you can call on when you need help or advice is a far better use of company funds.

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