Just because an Information Technology activity is business-critical doesn’t mean that all its elements have to be kept in-house.

No doubt Information Technology is one of the key driver of business growth. It has made it easy for businesses to communicate with their clients, simplify their production processes, and reduce the time to market in the face of stiff competition. It is for these reasons why businesses are investing in top-notch IT services to ensure that their processes are technology-driven for optimal business performance.

Setting up an IT department in-house can be a challenging endeavor from many aspects. An IT department requires a considerable investment in hardware, software, networks and human resources that will allow organizations to track and manage the business processes, accounting books, financial services, customer relationship management, emails and document management etc. Not to mention that technology is being upgraded rapidly and brings more challenges for the companies to compete the market. This can end up being a big expense and management headache that small and mid-sized businesses may not be able to afford. But even if you have the budget to implement an in-house IT department, you may want to strongly consider outsourcing instead. 

This is How Outsourcing your IT department benefits your business:

  • It Reduce Labor Costs
  • It Reduce IT Operations Costs
  • It Ensure Uninterrupted Flow of Service
  • It Improve Company Focus
  • It Access Exceptional IT Capabilities
  • It Provides Knowledge Retention
  • It Reduce Risk
  • It Guarantee Information Security

Businesses, however, are increasingly opting to outsource their IT services rather than hiring IT staff to run their IT departments. Professional IT service providers are contracted to manage the business network, users, services, and devices that are critical to business operations. Such support services ensure that the company’s network is current and the technology can provide seamless operations in all departments and roles with the company. 

Will you lose control of the IT department if you outsource?

For business owners that prefer to have regular involvement in every area of their company, outsourcing their IT department may make them initially feel like they have lost control over the company’s operations. However, this doesn’t have to be the result of outsourcing. BvLogic  provides regular updates through dedicated project & technical managers, also we are open to have input into the process and decision making from our valued customers. Outsourcing will free up the organization leaders to focus more on the operations of the company and the long term direction of the business.

How choosing the right IT partner that minimizes your risks and maximizes your control and flexibility?

When looking for the best IT partner for your business, you make sure that how the IT Services provider plans to measure its success. To address this BvLogic has specific goals to fulfill your company’s needs. Because a good IT Support provider will already have an accountability plan of their own in place.

More and more companies are outsourcing their IT needs and this will continue to increase in the future, which makes this an ever evolving field that will continue to be a part of most businesses. With this in mind you owe it to your business to give IT outsourcing serious thought.

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