Managing relationships is central to a successful MSP/client partnership. Our Technical Account Managers visit clients to ensure they are informed and have a regular point of contact to provide feedback, plan projects and manage future IT strategy & budgets.

A Project Manager is the customer’s partner and first point of contact. From the outset, a successful PM should conduct focused roundtables to discover and discuss a customer’s requirements and expectations for their ERP software. The process involves an intensive evaluation of current operations to identify potential obstacles to implementation. With this information in hand, the PM can then begin prioritizing customer’s needs and developing a workable path to success.

Without management, the implementation timeframe, budget, and scope can easily become derailed by any number of risks arising from unforeseen changes in customer requirements. It’s incumbent upon a PM to stress the importance of communication through the entire process. Only through proactive communication will a team be able to assess and plan for the short and long term impacts and benefits of ERP on a user’s productivity, job satisfaction, and connection to the rest of the organization. Communication is key to building trust and effectively managing expectations.

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