One of the primary benefits of a fully managed MSP is a single point of contact that has resources to cover all the customers’ needs on a 24/7 basis.

Value-Added ServicesValueDescription
Single point of contact for all issues24x 7 x 365Our customer may call, email or submit a ticket on our help desk
Expert Team Availability round the clock in minimum cost24x 7 x 365Our customer don’t need to hire 5 expert resources for single product
Our of business support availabilityEasyGuaranteed up-time by availability of our IT experts all the time.
Maintenance work out of business hours follow the sunEasyMaintenance work is best carried out at a time it has the least impact effect on users by our experts.
Dedicated Service delivery ManagerYesCustomer will have a single point of contact for all the critical issues

The cost of getting the expert skills in all areas of your business in which an MSP offers skills in-house to cover the extended hours can far outweigh the easy and price of outsourcing this.

As most companies mainly operate during normal working hours, it can be tricky to get support for out of hours issues. On top of this, a lot of maintenance work is best carried out at a time it has the least impact effect on users. In other words, it’s better carried out during out of hours instead of having your team clock in lots of overtime or time in lieu.

An MSP, particularly a global one like Columbus, take shifts being on call during all hours. They’ll provide “follow the sun” offerings where support can be 24/7.

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